I help sales teams to optimize their communication processes for faster onboarding and more effective sales.

Absorbing all technical details of your product can be a daunting challenge for your new sales representatives. In such cases, efficient communication between your product and sales teams is the key to unlocking the full potential. Say goodbye to slow onboarding and communication roadblocks. My solution is designed to empower teams, drive productivity, reduce risks, and foster a culture of collaboration.

Tomas Franc


My mission is to help companies gain a competitive edge by implementing the most effective and natural knowledge-sharing process and linking it with business impact analysis for measurable outcomes.

Onboard your new team members 20-30% faster

KnowledgeAtRisk Indicator improved by 20-50%. 


● Why should I invest in this solution when my budget is tight?

While cost is a valid consideration, our solutions are designed to deliver a significant return on investment by improving efficiency, reducing risk, and accelerating growth. Based on initial analysis we'll provide you with expected ROI. You can define the scope and your success criteria and decide if it makes sense in the context of your business.

● How your approach differentiates from the standard Knowledge Management methodologies?

What sets our approach apart from standard Knowledge Management methodologies is its emphasis on a data-driven holistic approach, customization, and collaboration. Rather than applying a one-size-fits-all solution, we conduct thorough risk assessments and engage stakeholders to tailor strategies that address your organization's specific needs and challenges. Integration of risk management, knowledge sharing, people management, and communication strategies leads to a synergistic approach that enhances organizational resilience, agility, and competitiveness.

● How do I know that it's appropriate for my company?

It's simple. Just ask your sales reps how frustrating it is for them to chase down product team members every time they have a question.

In other words, you can determine the appropriateness of our solution for your company by evaluating whether your organization values knowledge retention, efficient communication channels, and proactive risk management. If these aspects are integral to your business objectives, our solution is likely a good fit. Our approach is adaptable and customizable, tailored to your company's specific needs and challenges, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. Based on initial analysis you'll be provided with the expected ROI and you will define your success criteria. 

● My team is comfortable with current ways we document and share our knowledge. Why should we change them?

While your team may be comfortable with current processes, it's essential to consider the benefits of change. By implementing more efficient knowledge management practices, you can enhance productivity, mitigate risks, and stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving business landscape. 

Change can be daunting, but our solutions are designed to enhance your existing processes rather than replace them entirely. We provide comprehensive training and support to ensure a smooth transition and help your team see the value of adopting new tools and practices.

● How can we be sure that your solutions will deliver the promised results?

To ensure that our solutions deliver the promised results, we conduct a thorough analysis of your case, providing ROI estimates and a tailored implementation plan. This approach enables us to align our strategies with your specific goals and objectives, maximizing the likelihood of success. 

● Will your solutions integrate seamlessly with our existing systems?

While seamless integration with existing systems isn't always guaranteed, we strive to minimize disruption by aligning our solutions with your current tools and processes. Our aim is to ensure a smooth transition and maximize compatibility to support your organization's workflow effectively. 

● What do you mean by "efficient communication"?

In the scope of our concept, the term "efficient communication" means that employees in your organization don't have to repeatedly answer the same or similar questions. We understand that it's close to impossible to eliminate it completely, however, with proper tools and processes it can be significantly reduced.  

● What is the cost of your service?

The cost of the service depends on the savings our solution can generate and the complexity of your case. Therefore, it's highly individualized. 

However, compared to the cost of a 6-month contract for a full-time employee (FTE) with approximately the same level of expertise and know-how, the cost of the service will likely be significantly lower.

What is the scope of your service?

Please refer to the Project Phases section below for details. 

● You claim that you can save me a bunch of money. Where and when will I see these savings?

The value lies in the more streamlined day-to-day operational efficiency of your employees, allowing them more time to focus on tasks rather than spending time figuring out how to complete them. However, there's no guarantee that the time they gain won't be spent browsing social media. 🤔

As for the "when" - the typical project implementation takes from 4-9 months depending on the complexity, and the size of your company.  

Who am I?

In my roles as a Knowledge Lead and Solutions Architect, collaborating across different teams, including sales, operations, and customers, I encountered a common problem. I often struggled to find the right person to ask when I hit a roadblock with a question. Whether it was searching for someone who might know the answer or researching it myself, it always took up a lot of time. This challenge was amplified by the growing trend of remote work. But what struck me even more was realizing that this issue was widespread and often underestimated. I saw it as an opportunity and I made it my mission to find better ways for teams to share knowledge, turning it into a real passion of mine.

I am a seasoned Consultant and Solutions Architect with over twenty years of experience in the localization and knowledge management industry. Throughout my career, I have garnered recognition for my expertise, including the prestigious LocWorld Process Innovator award. As a mentor, I am passionate about sharing my wealth of knowledge to inspire and empower teams, fostering a culture of excellence. My reputation for innovative problem-solving precedes me, as evidenced by my work designing and implementing agile localization processes for industry leaders like Sony Ericsson and a prominent fintech company known for its popular online banking app. I am committed to driving client success and advancing the field of knowledge management and localization through continuous innovation and dedication.